Here are so many electronic gadgets available in the world but this innovative Electric Roti maker has great importance specially when we are talking about kitchen products. This is automatic and require less human efforts in Making Chapatis. Roti maker is now replacing outdated methods and techniques of making Roti’s. This is very simple and easy to understand for everyone. Buy Now and enjoy soft and tasty automatic Roti’s.

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Electronic Roti Maker

Enjoy the easiest way of making Chapati with electric roti maker, now available just for you. Make thin and perfect circular chapatis in least efforts with this amazing product. The product is easy to use and can be carried anywhere along with you. Making food is no more a tension now; just get simpler with electric roti maker. This product is provided with a handle that makes it easy to press the plates together and knobs that help you to lift up the top plate. Constantly rolling the dough and standing in front of the hot stove can be very tiring experience. Enjoy the easy way of making perfect roti with electric ROTI MAKER. It will help you in making soft chapatis without putting in much effort. The greatest advantage of roti maker is that it saves you a great deal of time which can be utilized in other important things. With this convenient way of making roti you can now make number of chapattis while you guests at home without any trouble.

About Roti Maker
Electronic Roti Maker is used to bake Roti in more convenient way, no need for Sui gas. Exact round shape roti making is not an easy task but this electronic gadget helps women in making exactly round shape chapattis. Improved and advanced technology that yield this innovative machine reduces the Roti making time almost half then before. Running with this gadget is so simple and took only five minute to start making Roti’s. Using this gadgets not only save time but also convenient to use. Its convenient functions are the following:

This requires little time
This is handy and you can carry this anywhere even in travelling.
This requires less physical energy.
By the use of Roti Maker you can bake exact circular shape rotis.
Stainless steel coated material makes constant temperature while baking chapattis and quickly get the required temperature.
Bake thin and soft Rotis.
Making Rotis within a half minute was not possible on stoke. This less time required function makes this most selling product online. Knobs and handles of Roti maker are totally user friendly, temperature resistant, catchy and engineers designed in way to get rid of comfortlessness, complexity and reduce burning accidents at a great extent while baking. Researcher’s revealed that by the use of electronic roti maker almost 70% of hand burning accident reduces. Burning accidents that comes due to standing in front of strokes under heat pressure and stroke, a little lazy thing can yield great loss but in Roti maker no such efforts are required. This automatically rolls the dough and shape rotis.

Essential Steps of Roti Making
On Roti maker, switched on light on gadgets shows that maker is running.
Place the dough on the lower plate of Roti maker exactly in center.
Close the upper plate of machine and hold the plastic livers tightly. These plastic levers are heat resistant so one can’t get injured or burnt from them.
Tight the handles of the maker and starts waiting.
Open after 20 – 30 second and enjoy a tasty and soft Roti.
Roti maker is made up of non stick material so forget about this. Indicator light makes up-to-date users about status.

Some extra ordinary features of roti maker
This rolls roti automatically.
High quality thermostat and non sticky material make it’s an easier process.
This is AC machine and requires 230 – 240 volts.
This adds value in every house hold and served as a precious gift for women.
If you want to buy this high tech machine at your door step, just call us @ 0323-4122675. We deliver with minimal delivery charges. We deliver anywhere in Pakistan.


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