Awesome sandwiches and salads. Decent shakes and deserts, Recommended: Chiily Chicken Sandwich, Egg white sandwich, mixed fruit salad, chicken hawaiian salad and many more!

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Germans engineers specially design it for your kitchen.
You can slice your potato, onion and tomato 11 different ways with it.
You can also make fruit salad within few mints..


Easy to store
Low power
Fast, clean handling
Safe operation
Easy cleaning
Table processing
Stainless steel

Cutting insert with an integrated pin grid
Cutting base
Transparent receptacle( capacity 1,500ml)
Cling lid containers for collecting
Blade insert( 6mm*6mm or 12mm*12mm)
Blade insert (6mm*36mm or 18mm*12mm)
Knife for quarters or eight use
Plug cutter to stamp eight
Partial coverage for all blades inserts.
Professional peeler
Planer use with blade guard
Product holder with guide.
You can also make fruit salad within few mints.


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